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Derma Shield Delivery

Worried about how and when we are going to deliver your Derma Shield order to you? Well I have to say you are not alone. The first time we order from a new site via the internet most of us will have a similar thought.

Here at Derma Shield we are a family company that pride ourselves in not only a superb product but also in our high levels of service.

As one customer put it.


Dear Sian. I ordered my Derma Shield yesterday lunchtime. This morning I was just applying one of the last squirts left in my old can of Derma Shield and hoping it wouldn't be too long before my order arrived, when the doorbell rang. I couldn't believe my order had arrived so quickly! Thank you so much for your first class service. YB Lancs





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“I was excited about trying Derma Shield as I have heard good reports about it.  After using it I have found that my eczema has decreased and it is not so itchy - and that's after only a few days!” K H (Swansea)

"I have been using your product for some time via an agency and am now buying it direct from yourselves. I just wanted to let you know that it has been an enormous help to both my children. It has been wonderful in preventing nappy rash but the biggest benefit has been to my 15 month old son who suffers quite badly from Eczema." J M (Warwickshire)

"I have very bad dermatitis around my ankles which weeps and it is difficult to treat because of bad circulation in my legs. Since using Derma Shield over the last 2 weeks, my skin is now beginning to improve and is not weeping at all. I am ordering some more as I do not want to run out of it." J Y (Devon)