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Derma Shield overview

It is not a traditional barrier cream: It is an industrial skin protectant that is dispensed as a mousse.

Delivered from CFC-free aerosols 

Derma Shield provides a microscopic barrier against continued aggravation of abused, sensitive skin and helps to stop skin irritation even after repeated washing.

Completely safe and can be used on any area of your skin.

Food safe, whether at home or at work.

Sinks into your skin releasing nutrients as it does so. 

Once applied, Derma Shield locks into the skin and only comes off when the skin sheds naturally.

Your skin will not feel greasy when wearing Derma Shield.

One applications lasts you 4 hours despite repeated washing.

It forms a microscopic mesh over the skin which protects whilst allowing the skin to breath and perspire normally

The protective layer on your skin will repel strong odours.

Your skin will be protected against oils, greases, dyes, paints, inks, dirt, etc...

You will even have protection against resins, mastic and adhesives, including Superglue.

Whilst not replacing personal protective equipment (PPE), your skin will have emergency protection from most acids and bases.

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"A quick squirt and a thorough rub in made all the difference. We still finished work with skin covered in resin but it all washed off with mild soap and water." LL (Tree Fellers)
"The results were so beneficial in terms of cleanliness, efficiency, use and hygiene that I have decided to use only Derma Shield as the protective and cleansing material throughout my Workshops." R E K (Camden Motors)

"(SM) changed to Derma Shield for the second half of the trial with immediate improvement. Derma Shield made his hands and nails much easier to clean and again assisted in the healing of previous damage. Discussion indicated an overwhelming preference for Derma Shield which showed itself to be convenient and effective in all respects." PC (Marconi)