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Derma Shield personal skin care is the next generation in skincare. Formulated using the finest ingredients Derma Shield utilises a remarkable breathable shield which moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin for up to 5 hours, despite repeated washing.

My name is Peter Friswell and I run a family company based in Cwmbran, South Wales, United Kingdom and we specialise in helping people improve their skin condition.

When I say specialise I mean it. You see for the past 17 years my business life (and my social life as well, if truth be told) has revolved around the formulation and production of Derma Shield which is a steroid free solution for your skin problems!

Quickly see for yourself how different and effective it is by viewing the Derma Shield personal skincare video.

Watching the video is one thing but the best way to find out how effective Derma Shield will be for you, or someone you care about, is to get some and try it. There are several ways that you can buy Derma Shield and prices start for as little as £4.99

We ship Derma Shield all over the world and have helped tens of thousands of people with their skin problems. Therefore, it's no surprise that I am so confident that Derma Shield will help improve your skin condition I will even offer you a 90 day money back guarantee! I take all the financial risk. What can be fairer than that? That's how confident I am that your dry, cracked and chafed skin problem can be cured.

Enjoy looking around the site.

Derma Shield owner Peter Friswell

  Peter Friswell

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"Derma Shield is fantastic! I am a lighting designer and fully qualified electrician. My hands are my most important tools and they have to put up with a lot! Thanks to Derma Shield they are no longer dry, chafed and sore." E B (Falmouth)

"I use Derma Shield daily to keep my hands protected as my work duties involve my hands frequently being immersed in water. The protection has been amazing and the painful dry skin I suffered has improved and I would recommend it to anyone with similar problems." D T (Gillingham)

"I have been using your product for some time via an agency and am now buying it direct from yourselves. I just wanted to let you know that it has been an enormous help to both my children. It has been wonderful in preventing nappy rash but the biggest benefit has been to my 15 month old son who suffers quite badly from Eczema." J M (Warwickshire)