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Derma Shield professional testimonials

Below are just some of the many testimonials we receive from people who have found out how Derma Shield can help them keep their skin in top condition whilst working.



I have been suffering with an acute flare up of my allergic contact dermatitis, it has been so bad with my hands infected and swollen that I have been unable to work as my job involves typing.  I was researching on the internet for the umpteenth time when I came across your site and read with interest what your product claimed to be able to do for sufferers like myself.  I have to say that I was somewhat sceptical when I placed the order as I have tried so many different lotions and potions - but was extremely happy with the results. CG. (Blyth)


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I’ve been using Derma shield for a number of years. I occasionally suffer from contact dermatitis on my hands through sweating, heat and humidity whilst wearing gloves (I am a fire fighter). My wife discovered Derma shield at the Health and Safety Expo (she is a Health and Safety Manager for the local council) and since I started to use it every shift I’m yet to have a brake out of dermatitis. I can safely say that using Derma shield has defiantly kept me in the profession I love. DH. (London)

We are now hoteliers, and our hands work hard, in and out of hot water, gardening, painting and decorating etc.. In addition, my hands get very dry and chapped during cold weather. have used lots of different sorts of barrier cream over the years, and I hate to sound like an advert, but Dermashield really does work. JS. (Blackpool)


I suffer from very sore hands which crack and bleed. This condition is worst during cold weather. Your Derma Shield has become so invaluable to me that I can’t imagine how I’d cope without it. It is so effective at doing the job but unlike previous creams, it is so light it feels like a second skin. MH. (Hook)



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"I use Derma Shield in my daily work as a delivery driver, as I handle tyres all day. This product is very good, I also find that even when my hands get wet this does not remove Derma Shield and still gives me protection, unlike others which are removed when in constant contact with water." W E H (Hartlepool)

"I use Derma Shield daily to keep my hands protected as my work duties involve my hands frequently being immersed in water. The protection has been amazing and the painful dry skin I suffered has improved and I would recommend it to anyone with similar problems." D T (Gillingham)

"My skin is allergic to most household detergents and polishes. I used to use rubber gloves for everything but now I find I can dispense of them by using Derma Shield. I find a liberal application in the morning gives me protection for hours and I would heartily recommend Derma Shield to anyone with similar problems." M B (Hornchurch)