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Dermatitis in hairdressing

Dermatitis in hairdressing is on the increase. With hands in and out of water all day, not to mention the shampoos and other chemicals, it really is no wonder that so many hairdressers suffer with dermatitis. As professional hairdressers know, it's impracticable to expect to either wear gloves for 100% of the time, or to put on hand cream after each time the hands become wet.

This constant attack on the skin soon starts to remove all the natural moisture and very quickly leaves it looking dry and uncared for. If the problem isn't dealt with very quickly, soon the skin starts to look red and inflamed closely followed by splits and cracks appearing around finger tips and knuckles. This is unsightly, embarrassing and can be very expensive due to loss of work and / or compensation for industrial injury. It can also easily lead to further complications.

Healthy skin is supple and a very effective barrier to infections. However, once it starts to become dry and break down it can become infected and lead to enforced time off away from the irritants that are causing the skin to become so sore and chapped. No matter if you're an employer, self employed or employee, time off from work is expensive and disruptive.

Derma Shield is so good at solving the skin challenges that hairdressers face every single day of their working lives that we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction or your money back!

Don't take our word for it. Read for yourself what one fellow professional said:

"I am a hairdresser and have suffered with dermatitus nearly all my life, I was apprehensive as I have tried many different products in the past, both prescription and non prescription, and I have never found anything that really works for me. Within a day of using Derma Shield I noticed a vast improvement with my skin condition, and now after using it for 5 days, my skin is almost back to normal! My daughter is also a hairdresser and upon trying mine, has decided to order some for herself. The results are amazing, and I will definitely tell my doctor about it." JF Cannock

So how will Derma Shield stop dermatitis in hairdressing?

Go about your day confident that your hairdressers' dermatitis is being moisturised, nurtured and protected.

Stop any further aggravation of the sensitised skin and enable the skin to recover quickly.

 Nurture the skin and help to keep it supple. Supple skin doesn't split - it stretches.


If you would like further details then read our Hairdressers' Skin Care information page

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"(SM) changed to Derma Shield for the second half of the trial with immediate improvement. Derma Shield made his hands and nails much easier to clean and again assisted in the healing of previous damage. Discussion indicated an overwhelming preference for Derma Shield which showed itself to be convenient and effective in all respects." PC (Marconi)

"The results were so beneficial in terms of cleanliness, efficiency, use and hygiene that I have decided to use only Derma Shield as the protective and cleansing material throughout my Workshops." R E K (Camden Motors)
"We have used Derma Shield for protection have seen a difference in the effect of chemicals on the skin. I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my own hands, no more sore finger joints where contact with solvents used to cause drying and cracking. Material that used to result in an unpleasant stickiness on the fingers can be washed off easily." RC (Chemical Co)