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Dry cracked fingertips

Dry cracked fingertips can be caused by many situations. Often just starting as dry fingers they can quickly end up as peeling fingers which are very unsightly and painful. Cold weather, hard work, contact with irritants and immersion in water or some other substance that you handle everyday can quickly lead to dry cracked fingertips.

Often referred to as either eczema or dermatitis, the skin dries out then cracks and bleeds. It can be quite painful and inhibits normal dexterity. Often, but not always, work related dry cracked fingertips open the door for bacteria, viruses and fungi to enter our bodies, sometimes leading to open sores and infection.

How Derma Shield can help dry cracked fingertips

Derma Shield's microscopic shield ensures that, in most cases, any substance exacerbating the dry cracked fingertips is no longer in direct contact with the skin.

To aid faster skin recovery Derma Shield contains high-grade pharmaceutical moisturisers that are locked in to keep the skin supple.

Because Derma Shield is designed only to come off the skin as it sheds naturally, one application will last for four to five hours despite repeated washing



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"The results were so beneficial in terms of cleanliness, efficiency, use and hygiene that I have decided to use only Derma Shield as the protective and cleansing material throughout my Workshops." R E K (Camden Motors)
"Our Machine Shop personnel were very impressed by the way the oil and grease washed off with no bother!" JS (Synatel)
"We have used Derma Shield for protection have seen a difference in the effect of chemicals on the skin. I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my own hands, no more sore finger joints where contact with solvents used to cause drying and cracking. Material that used to result in an unpleasant stickiness on the fingers can be washed off easily." RC (Chemical Co)