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Dry Skin Treatment

Dry skin treatments often claim miraculous results.  Of course, of the many creams and lotions that exist, most offer some degree of success in treating dry skin.

However, which is the best for you?

The main aim of any dry skin treatment is to restore the skin’s natural suppleness and to help it maintain it’s correct moisture levels.


Frequent areas of the body needing dry skin treatment

There are many areas of skin that may benefit from a high quality dry skin treatment.  However, there are a few areas that are susceptible dryness more than others.

The hands, especially across the back of the knuckles, is perhaps the area of the body that suffers the most. Sore knuckles can be very painful. In these cases, a good dry skin treatment, carefully applied, can result in dramatic improvements.

Other areas of the body that frequently suffer from dry skin are the legs below the knee, the thighs, the arms and the scalp.  These areas can become itchy and unsightly with dry, peeling flakes of dead skin.  These incidences usually react well to a carefully chosen dry skin treatment.

Choose your dry skin treatment carefully

So, if you suffer from dry skin, what should you look for when choosing a cream to use?

Well, above all, you want a product that feels comfortable to use.  You may feel uncomfortable with any dry skin treatment that leaves you skin feeling greasy or leaves your skin feeling clogged.

You should also opt for a dry skin treatment product that is fragrance free since perfume additives can often aggravate dry skin.  This will rule out many cosmetic creams and lotions.

Finally, look for a product that is steroid free.  This is particularly true if you are treating your face since prolonged use of steroid based creams can lead to a thinning of the skin.

Derma Shield is a water based mousse that is fragrance and steroid free.

As one user said of Derma Shield:

“The more I use this product, the more satisfied I become.

I apply it first thing every morning, and top it up throughout the day. I know it’s supposed to last 6 hours, but my skin is particularly dry so it takes the place of hand cream during the day (I find the other creams that actually work just too heavy  - I like my hands to feel clean, not greasy)”
 M.C. (Buckinghamshire)

How Derma Shield plays an important part in your dry skin treatment

Maintains your skin’s correct hydration levels to cure dryness

Keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy

Allows your skin to breathe and perspire naturally

Protects against irritants that can aggravated dry skin and hinder its treatment

Want to prove to yourself how effective Derma Shield is?

We’re so confident in the unique way in which Derma Shield works that we urge new customers to try it without any financial risk. We are the only company in the skincare industry that has the confidence to offer this.

Invest with confidence! With our unique Derma Shield 90 Day Money Back Guarantee you can quickly prove to yourself what thousands already know: Derma Shield solves skincare concerns!

Lots of different ways to buy Derma Shield now

Derma Shield. Your solution to dry skin.


 If you would like further details then read our Dry Skin Treatment information page


Dry skin treatment

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"As a busy gardener, I cannot praise your product enough. It is the most effective skin cleanser I have ever encountered. I have no difficulty in recommending it to my fellow gardeners." A Y (Brissago, Switzerland)

"I found Derma Shield really brilliant for protecting my hands.  After years of exposure to chemicals and oils working in manufacturing, I have suffered from dry cracked hands during cold weather.  I now apply your product morning and evening and find that my skin stays completely free from cracking and soreness.  Your product really does what it says on the tin! " R G (Hampshire)

"Derma Shield is fantastic! I am a lighting designer and fully qualified electrician. My hands are my most important tools and they have to put up with a lot! Thanks to Derma Shield they are no longer dry, chafed and sore." E B (Falmouth)