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Garden Skin Care

Garden skin care is an important aspect of gardening that should not be overlooked.   Suddenly, weeds in the flowerbeds are not the only problem. Skin irritation is a common affliction amongst the nation’s garden enthusiasts.

Many different plants are known to produce skin itching and inflammation.  It is not surprising that contact with Poison Ivy can produce an undesirable reaction.  However, the decorative Chrysanthemum, Mother-in-law’s Tongue and Marigold  are just a few of the others that have been reported as causing a rash with some gardeners.  Even the Tomato and Strawberry plants are not without blame.

Dry and sore skin can also result from contact with garden soil.  Naturally occurring ammonia in the soil is known to be a source of skin irritation.  The use of ammonia based fertilizers and lawn treatments only add to the problem. 

Garden plant care is important but, personal care should be just as important.

Skin care in the garden should be a priority for everybody.

The traditional solution for gardeners was to wear heavy-duty gardening gloves.  The gloves provided a physical barrier between the hazards of the garden and the gardener’s skin.  However beneficial gardening gloves may be, they can also be awkward and uncomfortable to work in, especially if the weather is hot.

So, after a pleasant weekend working in the garden, many gardeners find that skin care is an on-going issue. Sore and cracked skin can be both painful and embarrassing.  Dry skin can also become brittle and split.  This can lead to infection, especially if you are working constantly in your garden.

As one user said:

“Many thanks , we received the Derma Shield on Saturday.  My husband and I have been using the product regularly since then as we’ve been gardening all weekend – and the effect is remarkable.  Normally our hands would be rough and dry after exposure to the soil, but with Derma Shield the skin feels smooth and flexible.  In fact my husband says it has restored the elasticity of the skin of his hands, which have felt dry and tight for months!

So we will certainly be recommending it to family and friends.” L T (Gloucester)

How Derma Shield can help with your garden skin care routine

Your gardening hands will be protected from chapping and dryness throughout the day without constant re-application of a greasy skin cream.

Protect yourself from undesirable bacteria commonly found in your garden.

Keep your skin looking and feeling healthy – even after a day in your garden.

Keep your skin and nails looking younger - season after season.


If you would like further details then read our Garden Skin Care information page

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"My skin is allergic to most household detergents and polishes. I used to use rubber gloves for everything but now I find I can dispense of them by using Derma Shield. I find a liberal application in the morning gives me protection for hours and I would heartily recommend Derma Shield to anyone with similar problems." M B (Hornchurch)
"In 5 years of having Psoriasis your product was the only product I have come across that wasn't greasy and thus gave the skin a chance to dry up and reduce inflammation. Without your product I am certain that the Psoriasis on my arm wouldn't be as clear as it is now." K S (Pontypool)

“I was excited about trying Derma Shield as I have heard good reports about it.  After using it I have found that my eczema has decreased and it is not so itchy - and that's after only a few days!” K H (Swansea)