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Horse Shield 90 day money back guarantee

We have so much confidence in Horse Shield's ability to solve your equine skin problems that we would like to offer you this unconditional, no quibble, guarantee.

Try Horse Shield on your animal's skin for up to 90 days.

If it doesn't meet your expectations please return it for a complete, no quibble refund.

We are the only company in the equine skincare industry that has the confidence to offer this.

With this unique guarantee you can quickly prove to yourself that Horse Shield will solve equine skincare concerns!

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“I was excited about trying Derma Shield as I have heard good reports about it.  After using it I have found that my eczema has decreased and it is not so itchy - and that's after only a few days!” K H (Swansea)

"In 5 years of having Psoriasis your product was the only product I have come across that wasn't greasy and thus gave the skin a chance to dry up and reduce inflammation. Without your product I am certain that the Psoriasis on my arm wouldn't be as clear as it is now." K S (Pontypool)
"I have very bad dermatitis around my ankles which weeps and it is difficult to treat because of bad circulation in my legs. Since using Derma Shield over the last 2 weeks, my skin is now beginning to improve and is not weeping at all. I am ordering some more as I do not want to run out of it." J Y (Devon)