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How Derma Shield works

Derma Shield is formulated from the finest ingredients. Wherever possible we use pharmaceutical and hypoallergenic grades that are fully traceable.

Together the specially selected ingredients combine to provide an amazing product that moisturises, nurtures and protects the skin for 4 to 5 hours despite repeated washing. During this time your skin will continue to perspire and breath normally and will not feel greasy, even when wet.

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"Our Machine Shop personnel were very impressed by the way the oil and grease washed off with no bother!" JS (Synatel)
"A quick squirt and a thorough rub in made all the difference. We still finished work with skin covered in resin but it all washed off with mild soap and water." LL (Tree Fellers)
"We have used Derma Shield for protection have seen a difference in the effect of chemicals on the skin. I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my own hands, no more sore finger joints where contact with solvents used to cause drying and cracking. Material that used to result in an unpleasant stickiness on the fingers can be washed off easily." RC (Chemical Co)