Derma Shield - The solution that skin's been waiting for

Derma Shield skin hygiene for business

Derma Shield skin hygiene for business

Derma Shield supersedes traditional barrier creams and is a cost effective, efficient method of providing skin protection for your workforce.
Derma Shield is much more than a pre-work or after-work cream and should not be thought of as just a barrier cream, but a modern day solution to solving skin hygiene problems.

If you are seeking to progress forward to a modern and cost effective preventative and protective skin care programme then using Derma Shield is a must.

"The results were so beneficial in terms of cleanliness, efficiency, use and hygiene that I have decided to use only Derma Shield as the protective and cleansing material throughout my Workshops."

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Derma Shield personal skincare

Derma Shield personal skin care

Derma Shield has helped many sufferers of skin complaints and can benefit men, women and children. It is light and easy to use, contains no fragrances and is completely non-toxic. Manufactured to extremely high standards using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, Derma Shield is a must for protecting, nurturing and moisturising your skin.

Derma Shield has been successfully used by sufferers of hand dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis, as well as those with more general skin irritation problems.

"I use Derma Shield in my daily work as a delivery driver. I find that even when my hands get wet this does not remove Derma Shield and it still gives me protection, unlike others which are removed when in constant contact with water."

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